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Remote I/O and HMI product from Oceania Automation

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The Mitsubishi remote I/O from Oceania Automation provides wide range of technical highlights as well as customer benefits such as modular and freely-scalable architecture for precise configuration, module width just 12.6 millimetre per terminal, gold-plated contacts and insertion-coded modules for maximum reliability, replacement at the touch of a button with the latest hot-swapping technology, "Permanent wiring" made possible by plug-in electronics modules and so on. The bus terminal from Oceania Automation makes it possible to use distributed layout for switchgear cabinets and terminal boxes.

Oceania Automation digital I/Os, analog I/Os, high-speed counters, positioning modules, standard interfaces, PC expansion cards, data photoelectric barriers, optical converters and repeaters. Mitsubishi Electric offers a diverse spectrum of operating as well as visualisation systems, ranging from simple text-based HMI panels to full-featured industrial PCs. The HMI series from Oceania Automation comprises of text-based HMI panels, HMI panels with function keys, graphical HMI panels, HMI panels with touch screens and industrial PCs available in different versions.

Mitsubishi operating and visualisation systems from Oceania Automation offers application advantages such as easier operation and better control of the process, generation of reports for quality control and interfaces for process data communications with other departments, clear representation of the process in text and graphics, precise error messages and instructions, flexible, open and thoroughly compatible with all Mitsubishi automation systems, third-party system compatibility for universal deployment.

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