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Modular PLC and process control from Oceania Automation

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The AnSH, SystemQ in modular PLC from Oceania Automation is a control concept that allows one to mix and select one of the best combination of CPUs, communication devices, specialist control modules and discreet I/O on a back-plane. Flexibility and scalability in modular PLC are key design features that enable System Q to truly be a single Automation Platform. Users can apply simple control to an individual machine or integrated plant wide management all from the same hardware base. Mitsubishi modular PLC from Oceania Automation offers multi CPU, multi networking connectivity, flexibility, dual redundancy and so on.

The SystemQ Automation Platform allows one to use multiple CPU’s on a single backplane. One can combine up to four CPU types, such as PLC, PC, Motion, Q-C and Process CPU’s, as a single seamless solution. System Q offers diverse range of power supplies, CPU’s, I/O modules, special modules and communication modules makes System Q one of the most flexible modular automation systems in the world. System Q’s Process CPUs offers the benefits of standard System Q technology into the process environment that reduces both implementation as well as long-term running costs. T System Q’s Process CPUs powerful processors combine standard PLC control with 52 dedicated process control functions, including loop controls with two degrees of freedom (DOF) and highspeed PID control.

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