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Mitsubishi FX1S PLC available from Oceania Automation

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The Mitsubishi FX1S Programmable Logic Controller provides a simple introduction to modular micro control offering comprehensive functionality and expansion options.

The FX1S PLC, available from Oceania Automation , provides a number of user benefits including compatibility with other FX Family PLCs. The FX1S PLC is compatible to the FX1n PLC, which also shares the same programming structure as the Mitsubishi FX1S PLC. This means that users can benefit from learning and using PLC programming syntax, which results in faster programme development and reduced programming errors.

FX1S applications are small, embedded control functions that are hidden away or not accessible under normal maintenance activities. This is why the FX1s PLC system has been designed to be a robust, low maintenance PLC.

Features such as the maintenance free, 2000 step EEPROM memory and real time clock management make the FX1S PLC a self managing system, reducing the impact on the maintenance engineer.

The FX1s PLC system includes four different types of main units. The main units can be powered by 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V AC and 200V AC. Each FX1s PLC system can be expanded up to a total of 30 inputs and outputs. Utilising the MELSEC-F series selection, PLC systems can be configured without error.

Implementing the multiple communication boards or –BD boards, the FX1s PLC allows for up to two communication ports through RS422, RS232 and RS485. This allows the possibility of a Human Machine Interface or HMI while simultaneously talking to the programming software.

GX Developer and GX IEC Developer connectability means that engineers can programme their PLCs in the tried and tested Ladder Logic and/or in the many languages available in the IEC code generators.

With a scan time of 0.55µsec/logical instruction, the FX1s PLC main units have in-built motion functions that allow the connection of the MR-C, MR-J2, MR-E, MR-J2S and MR-J3 Melservo motion systems. Built in, positioning tools such as two 100kHz pulse train outputs and two 60kHz high speed counters can be used to create simple 2-axis positioning systems, linked to servo amplifiers or stepper motor drivers without the need for additional PLC hardware saving space, cost and engineering time.

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