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Mitsubishi Electric FX3G PLC available from Oceania Automation

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Oceania Automation  have released FX3G in the FX range of Mitsubishi PLCs. The FX3G is fast, reliable, economical, and allows flexible configuration with expansion, special function and network modules. The FX3G is a part of the Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC FX series.

The FX3G’s important features in the current generation include larger programme memory, faster instruction execution, additional programming instructions and improved expansion options. The FX3G also supports seamless integration of other automation components like HMI control terminals and frequency inverters.

The FX3G is based on the same space-saving technology concept as the MELSEC FX3U PLC. In the FX3G, the power supply unit, processor, memory and I/O are integrated directly in the ready-to-use PLC CPU. Its high processing speed of just 0.21 micro second per logical instruction cycle and large memory for up to 32,000 programme steps enables it to handle demanding automation applications.

The MELSEC FX3G base units are available up to 60 I/O, expandable to 128 I/O with additional modules, and up to 256 I/O through the open CC-Link fieldbus network. The FX3G also supports connection to Profibus DP, CC-Link, Ethernet, DeviceNet, CANopen and AS interface and data communications to three serial interfaces. A USB port and an RS-422 port come standard in the CPU.

The standard system bus allows for up to eight expansion, special function and network modules (in total). The FX3G also has a second bus (adaptor bus) which allows up to six additional modules to be integrated without additional programming and can be addressed directly within the programme. All base units come with six high-speed counters, supporting frequencies of up to 60kHz. There are also up to three pulse train outputs or frequencies of up to 100kHz through the transistor output type CPU.

All the compact controllers in Mitsubishi Electric’s latest generation are compatible with the existing FX series, GX Developer FX and GX IEC Developer. Existing programmes can be seamlessly upgraded to the new FX3G platform.

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