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FX3U PLC brought to you by Oceania Automation

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With enhanced networking functions the FX3U, now available from Oceania Automation , supports increased I/O range.

The FX3U can support systems with combined local I/O and networked I/O up to a total of 384 I/O points.  For users, this means increased system control and added possibilities for advanced networks. The FX3U is also up to 4.5 times faster. This means the PC MIX value has been greatly improved with basic instructions now being processed in 0.065µsec. For users this means quicker program response and more accurate process performance as inputs, outputs and actions are processed and monitored more times per second. FX3U comes with a standard internal memory of 64k steps, which is 8 times more memory than FX2N. More memory means users can write larger and more complex programs, store more data in file registers, or take greater advantage of using IEC 61131-3 style programming tools.

With a larger program memory come the need for more operational devices such as timers, state flags, auxiliary relays and data registers.  The FX3U has increased capacity in all of these major areas making program construction easier.  Data register capacity has increased by a factor of 5 reflecting the needs of users who have increased requirement to log operation information against products or batches of products being manufactured.

The FX3U has 75 new instructions in comparison with FX2N.  This now makes available 249 instructions for program creation.  All of the instructions follow the traditional FX Applied instruction concept designed to make the task of application building and program writing easier and quicker, with less chance of errors. New instructions include greater control over data processing with a range of new comparison and string manipulation commands.

The FX3U has been designed with six high speed counters that can each count up to 100kHz simultaneously per channel.  This, combined with three 100kHz pulse train outputs, means users can directly configure simple 3-axis positioning systems without the use of additional modules. However, the new high speed counter ADP and Pulse train ADPs can provide the FX3U with maximum positioning performance.  Each unit can process signal speeds of up to 200kHz.

FX3U has strengthened the communications capability of the FX Family even further. The new adapters allow up to three RS communication channels to be operated simultaneously allowing multiple HMIs to be connected to a single FX3U CPU or combinations of HMIs, third party devices and programming tools – the choice is yours.

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