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article image FlexProcess -- based on seven core modules.

FLEXPROCESS is a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution specifically designed for process manufacturers. Traditional ERP systems are most suited to discrete manufacturers who build or assemble products.

FlexProcess, on the other hand, is most suited to process manufacturers because the logic behind its production module is based on manufacturing to a formula or recipe.

ObTech Asia Pacific is the primary distributor of FlexProcess and the company's CEO, Andy Varnik, believes there is a significant opportunity to sell the product in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

"Most process manufacturers have made compromises when it comes to their ERP system. If they are using production planning and costing tools designed for discrete manufacturing, they may not have achieved any real production efficiencies," he said.

ObTech anticipates FlexProcess will primarily be sold as a replacement to outdated ERP systems

The production modules of older ERP systems are based on the concept of a hierarchical 'bill of material'. Process manufacturers blend and process raw ingredients according to a formula or recipe and so have distinct production planning, costing and quality control needs.

FlexProcess comprises several core modules for managing a process manufacturing business. They are: Inventory, Production, Planning, Procurement, Customer Order Management, Financials, and Costing.

These provide all the necessary tools to manage the business and deliver a wealth of information, at every stage of the value chain. Optional modules provide added functionality such as e-commerce and supply chain management.

FlexProcess tracks all production inputs and outputs. It monitors all production elements including material usage, by-products and co-products, plant, labour and production run times so that detailed, comprehensive product costs can be calculated.

The planning tools generate improved information flows and shorten planning cycles for faster response to changing demands.

Ultimately, FlexProcess will facilitate pro-active management of operations for realistically optimising finite production resources, minimising production down-times and solving capacity overloads.

The benefits to the business are significant in terms of lowering inventory, reducing cost, improving on-time delivery performance and increasing customer satisfaction.

According to Varnik, FlexProcess is based on object-oriented technology, which means it is easily integrated with legacy systems and add-on systems.

Since FlexProcess combines recipe or formula requirements with operational information for batch or continuous flow production, it is suited to manufacturers of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health and beauty or chemical products.

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