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Recyclable bags from OZBULK

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OZBULK  offers an extensive range of bags which includes food grade bags, anti static bags, square pack baffle bags and recyclable bags. OZBULK initially started supplying bulk bags to the Australian market in 1987 and now imports bulk bags directly from the overseas market. OZBULK imports bulk bags from an ISO accredited company which manufactures and supplies quality bags for various countries. OZBULK offers quality bulk bags.

OZBULK supplies standard multi trip bulk bags, heavy duty multi trip bulk bags and standard single trip bulk bags. OZBULK supplies heavy duty multi trip bulk bags which are made from double wall UV stabilised polypropylene fabric. OZBULK supplies a wide range of tops and bases to suit specific requirements. OZBULK offers quality bulk bags at affordable prices.

OZBULK offers Quadro bags which retain their shapes and can handle 25 percent more goods in the ISO containers. OZBULK offers square pack baffle bags and recyclable bags.

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