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Bin cleaning solutions from OZ Bin Cleaning

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OZ Bin Cleaning  provides bin cleaning solutions operating out of a number of branches throughout Australia. OZ Bin Cleaning started operation, catering to the people of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and then expanded the business to New South Wales and Victoria. In 2005, OZ Bin Cleaning started catering to the people of Tasmania.

Mark and Penny Campbell are the licence holders for Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. Gary and Mary Kellet Master are the licence holders of Queensland and in 2005, both combined with to provide their cleaning services almost all over Australia. od and Caryl Jensen are also in the OZ Bin Cleaning's franchisee group.

With OZ Bin Cleaning, customers are assured of self-contained, specialised mobile cleaning units. These units enables the efficient cleaning, sanitising, drying and deodorising of bins. OZ Bin Cleaning undertakes the cleaning for bins of all sizes, right from a wheelie to a huge industrial bin.

The mobile cleaning unit enables good and efficient cleaning services and in turn offers a great deal of satisfaction to customers. There is minimal water used and this water is returned to the unit and recycled. Thus, the environment is also preserved in with this exercise. The services of OZ Bin Cleaning are Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approved, save precious water and time and are cost effective too.

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