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Searchcam 2000 victim location systems available from OTB Products

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Searchcam 2000, available from OTB Products , is a victim location system and has the same quality, functionality, durability, and reliability found in previous Searchcam models and proven in actual operation in the world's recent disasters (New York World Trade Centre bombing; Northridge, California earthquake; Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing; Kobe, Japan earthquake; the Korean department store collapse; the Thredbo, Australia avalanche/mud slide; the U.S. Embassy in Africa; and the earthquakes in Columbia, Turkey, Greece, and Taiwan).

The features of previous models have been integrated with new electronic and structural enhancements to provide a better technical rescue system.

The Searchcam 2000 is a mobile, single operator system for victim location and assessment. Audio and video components have been integrated to operate on a continuous basis in demanding conditions of a disaster setting. The Searchcam 2000 victim location system consists:

  • a miniature, high resolution, colour, video camera
  • variable intensity illumination
  • a sensitive microphone and speaker housed in the remotely controlled articulating camera with the head affixed to the end of a telescoping probe that can be inserted through a 1.75" (4.4cm) diameter opening

The variable intensity illumination allows the operator to view high quality images as close as a few inches to a distance of over 20' (6m) in total darkness. Longer viewing distances are achieved in daylight or low light situations. The operator views the LCD screen and listens through the noise attenuating headphones. The integrated two-way communication system allows the operator to perform acoustical searches as well as communicating directly with located victims.

The microphone with variable gain amplification, can detect a whisper from across the room or breathing sounds from a distance of a few feet. The noise reducing headphones provide clear audio output under high noise conditions and are designed to be worn under protective head gear. The water resistant, articulating camera head can pan right to left 180° providing a viewing angle of 260°.

The relative camera position is communicated graphically to the operator on the monitor in 15° increments from centre. The camera head automatically returns to centre when the unit is turned off. The telescoping probe collapses to 41" (104cm) and extends to 92" (233cm). Articulation, illumination and audio are remotely controlled using digital interface rocker switches housed in the ergonomically designed pistol grip control handle. Audio, illumination, battery residual, and relative camera position are continuously monitored and communicated to the operator through on screen graphic display.

The probe is machined from high strength aluminium and the hard anodised finish protects against corrosion and abrasion. The integrated design allows the rescuer to easily carry the seven pound (3.2kg) unit in one hand and navigate through rubble uninhibited by the system. The sealed, lead acid battery pack weighs six pounds (2.7kg), clips to the operator's belt and provides in excess of three continuous hours of operation.

The video display is detachable through a quick-connect coupling allowing the monitor to be extended in excess of thirty feet (9m) away using the optional extension cables.

The alternating current battery charger is equipped to handle dual voltages with the flip of a switch and charges a completely discharged battery to 90% quickly. When the 90% level is achieved, the charger automatically enters a trickle charge mode until the battery reaches a 100% charge. The charger does not overcharge the battery even when it remains attached. A charged battery will retain its charge for months while in storage, losing approximately 5% per month.

The entire system consists of the probe, video monitor, headphones with boom microphone, sun shield, lanyard, two batteries, battery charger, field maintenance kit, operations and maintenance manual, and carry/storage case. The components are stored in one Pelican, foam lined, high impact plastic, water and dust tight, carrying case with wheels. The packed unit weighs 59 pounds (26.8kg).

Optional accessories for the unit include a remote video display (hard wired), display extension cables (15' to 4.6m) and a video output cable.

The Searchcam 2000 victim location system has the following features:

  • Camera head
  • High resolution colour camera
  • Acoustical search microphone
  • Speaker
  • Variable intensity illumination
  • Remote control
  • Waterproof (optional)
  • Rugged construction
  • High grade aluminium
  • Anodised - Black
  • Telescoping probe
  • Super probe
  • Cable probe
  • Light weight - portable
  • Video
  • Colour video camera
  • High resolution
  • LCD monitor
  • Remote monitor (Optional)
  • Audio
  • Remote search microphone
  • Remote speaker
  • Noise attenuating headphones
  • Boom microphone
  • Storage/carry case
  • Pelican
  • Foam lined
  • High impact plastic
  • Water and dust tight
  • Power
  • Sealed lead acid battery
  • Rechargeable
  • 3 hours continuous use
  • AC battery charger
  • Controls
  • Ergonomic design
  • Central rocker switch
  • Illumination
  • Sound

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