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Protective gloves, back supports and footwear inserts available from OTB Products

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The twenty-first century industrial safety technology provides a healthy solution for people who wish to avoid long-term harm to their bodies when involved in horticulture, landscaping, gardening, farming and related activities. Workplaces and enlightened employers are providing a host of new and effective personal protective equipment (PPE) that lessens the impact of heavy work and enables people to work smarter and healthier for longer.

The latest PPE includes gloves designed specifically for impact, stress and vibration protection; back supports that guard against extremely common injuries; as well as footwear insoles that cushion and reduce nerve, muscle, bone and cartilage damage. 

OTB Products specialise in advanced technologies of personal protection. OTB Products have introduced products that are the result of collaboration by two companies, Body Glove and Chase Ergonomics. Chase Ergonomics manufacture products with clinical based PPE design and also patented Gelfom, Gelpact and Accupressure technologies.

The product range includes patented Gelfom-filled anti-vibration gloves, Gelpact Manual Handling Gloves, and footwear inserts. Gelpact is a material now used by the USA’s manufacturers of skate board shoes to reduce impact injuries to the feet. For warm climates and hot jobs, OTB Products also have cooling products for every task.

According to OTB Products, the number one problem for people working the land is back injuries. These problems are addressed by OTB Products’ Accupressure range, which is designed by orthopaedic surgeons.

Accupressure back supports have been specifically designed to be worn comfortably all day to help with body posture, tiredness and prevent back injuries caused by over-reaction of back muscles.

Acupressure back supports are the result of a new understanding of how the human body reacts to sudden unexpected events that can apply stress to the lumbar spine.

According to OTB Managing Director, David Reed, by using proper supports, over-reaction of back muscles can be reduced. Reed adds that wearing a back support alone will not prevent injury. People still have to lift correctly and not lift beyond their physical ability. Properly designed and manufactured back supports can make a substantial difference for activities involving bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, stretching and slips, trips and falls.

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