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Kanon Multi Purpose Ball Machines from OTB Products

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OTB provides versatile Kanon Ball Maachines, which can be used for a wide range of sports

Ball machines for a range of sports

  • Designed to be versatile and provide ball deliveries for tennis, cricket, softball, baseball
  • The most reliable machine on the market, used by Australian Institute of Sports, schools, colleges coaches and sports and workers clubs
  • The Kanon automatic ball machine is suitable for beginners right through to professionals
  • A beginner can quickly master the basics of tennis, cricket, baseball or softball and more advanced players can programme the ball machine to simulate and practice a wide variety of game situations

Kanon Ball Machines for amateurs and professionals

  • Tennis - Imagine a tennis partner who is always available, never tires and has the skill and ability to improve your game. Kanon tennis ball machines are just such partners to develop and perfect all the shots - drive, lob, volley, return of service and more.
  • Cricket - Students and professionals need balls delivered accurately in order to perfect a particular shot. The Kanon cricket ball machines can do this at varying speeds and can also be set to swing the ball. Used in cricket training the Kanon Premier Ball Machines, with their oscilation is a great tool for increasing fielding skills and raising fitness levels.

Kanon Multi Purpose Ball Machines

  • Kanon machines are constructed with robust and reliable components
  • Tested to international standards, they are safe and easy to operate
  • Kanon tennis ball machines are being regularly used by customers worldwide on 5 continents
  • Supplied with extensive practice drill booklet for individual or groups
  • High Frequency Ball Feed - 1500 per hour maintains high group interest
  • Variable Frequency Drives - Balls can be delivered at intervals of 2.5, 5, 7.5 or 15 seconds
  • Variable Velocity - By the adjustment of a simple control on the barrel, ball velocity is infinitely variable from 10km/h (6 mp/h) to 120km/h (74.5 mph)
  • Variable Elevation - The adjustable barrel allows deep baseline drives to high lobs
  • Automatic Variable Oscillators - The tennis ball machine will direct balls at random or at a pre selected spot while maintaining constant power and length
  • Spin Adaptor - With a simple setting, the adaptor adds side to side, top to bottom spin to the ball. It can also be set to deliver a slice in either backhand or forehand
  • Serving/Bowling/Pitching Simulator for tennis, cricket, baseball and softball
  • Cordless Remote Control to start and stop the ball feed from anywhere on the court/field
  • Electrically powered for 220/240v (50Hz) or 120v (60Hz)

The Kanon Premier Ball Machines, tried and tested, have earned worldwide acclaim since their introduction, 24/7 work horse.

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