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Kanon Cricket Bowling Machine with Hard Dimpled Balls from OTB Products

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OTB Products  supplies a new range of Kanon cricket bowling machines that can now deliver four different ball types, adding to their versatility.  

Kanon cricket ball machines and tennis ball machines have been used for over 18 years by cricket clubs, schools and private users.  

Responding to constant requests from users for cricket bowling machines that could deliver hard balls, the new Kanon Premier cricket bowling machine was introduced into the market with the additional ability to deliver bat-friendly hard balls.  

Kanon Premier hard ball cricket bowling machines do not damage bats.  

The Kanon hard dimpled balls come in two versions: the yellow ball reproduces a bounce from a dead pitch while the white ball is suitable for a lively pitch delivery.  

It is important to pad up and wear the complete cricket safety gear when practising with the dimpled balls.  

The Kanon Premier cricket bowling machine is designed to accommodate two new dimpled balls, a semi-hard red practice ball and any good quality tennis ball.     

Kanon Premier cricket bowling machines can deliver up to 1000 balls per hour and hold 90 balls per load.  

Introduction Offer  

For the next 20 purchasers of the Kanon Premier cricket ball machine, 25 dimpled balls as well as 25 semi-hard red practice balls will be given free.  

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