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Beat the heat with cooling vest range from OTB Products

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article image These cooling vests help to prevent heat stress and increase the productivity of workers
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OTB Products are proud to be able to supply the Australian market with a variety of cooling clothing and accessories including a range of 3 types of cooling vests.

These cooling vests have been designed to help workers to remain cool and comfortable in hot Australian work environments. Staying cool is essential for work performance and safety.

OTB Products offers a choice of 3 distinctive types of cooling vests that cool for periods from a couple through to many hours, to ensure that the ideal product and technology is available for any situation. Each type of vest is best suited to different applications and OTB is happy to give advice to help meet requirements.

The cooling vests vary in the level of coolness, recharge times, ease of use and convenience. The range includes the following types of cooling technology:

  • phase change
  • evaporative
  • ice cooling
Heat stress at work has serious implications, both for the health of the workers and the productivity of the company. The early effects of heat stress can be difficult to recognise. Symptoms and effects include:
  • hearing loss
  • weakness
  • tiredness
  • lapses in concentration
  • profuse sweating
  • nausea
  • headache
  • muscle cramps
  • exhaustion
  • mistakes
  • low productivity
  • increased illness and injury
Wearing cooling vests, even for a short cooling down period, can make work easier by helping to eliminate the occurrence of heat stress, improving productivity and profits.

Recharging the cooling vests is simple. Many companies supply cooling off areas with eskies full of ice and water for rehydrating drinks, and they can also be used to recharge vests for all day cooling.

There are a large number of job roles in Australia where body cooling can make a difference, some obvious and some less so, these include:

  • police
  • military
  • mining
  • smelting
  • roofing
  • building
  • road and rail infrastructure
  • surveying
  • bridge maintenance
  • confined space entry
  • aviation
  • forestry
  • welding
  • transport
  • fire fighting
  • telecommunications
  • energy providers
  • painting
  • warehousing
  • farming
  • event staffing
  • shipping
  • vegetation management
  • sporting activities
  • umpiring
  • surgeons
Contact OTB Products to find out more about the different types of cooling vests in its range and for help choosing the most suitable one for specific applications.

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