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OTB Products  presents an innovative hat cooling system for use by anyone working in the hot sun or other high temperature environments.

When ice changes phase to water, there's a plateau in the graph where adding more energy doesn't raise the temperature. This means that the phase change is a key spot where the solid can absorb more heat than usual before getting warmer.

There are materials available that can change phase much higher than 0º, which means they can ‘freeze’ in an esky full of ice and water, and maintain that temperature longer than ice.

OTB’s ball cap coolers ‘freeze’ at 22ºC, which means that they can activate in an esky in minutes and then maintain a refreshing 22ºC temperature against the user’s hot forehead for almost an hour, helping them stay focused. Ice in a similar situation will only cause a headache.

The ball cap coolers can be placed back in the esky for 5-10 minutes to recharge and used all over again any number of times.

Available as thin pads that fit inside any hat, the ball cap coolers are designed to provide refreshing comfort to anyone out in the hot outdoors wearing a hat.

These pads are also available in a vest.

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