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In many occupations that include agriculture, building, primary producing, landscaping, horticulture, viticulture, council and industrial and mechanical workshops, debilitating hand injuries, vibration injuries and impact shock injuries have increased.

The fact that as more and more power tools and equipment becomes available, workers’ exposure times to the hazards of excessive use are increased. The effects of injuries from over-exposure can be undetected until they become cumulative and serious, with vibration, impacts and manipulation of everyday tools causing serious long-term damage to nerves, tendons, muscle and bone.

The anti-vibration gloves available through OTB Products have a patented, thick Gelfôm material inner protective surface with a leather outer that meets the global standards required for hand protection.

Reducing impact and shock injuries requires a thinner but denser material called Gelpact. This Gelpact is light and effective and is used by athletes exposed to contact stress. A single layer of Gelpact can reduce impact forces reaching the hands by up to 55 percent.

The material can also provide substantial cushioning against prolonged contact with hard surfaces. The Gelpact pads used in personal protection equipment can be precisely moulded to offer maximum protection with minimum bulk and without sacrificing manual dexterity.

OTB products can supply material handler gloves that will protect the palm from edges and points that can damage nerves, muscle, tendons, cartilage and tissue. These fingerless gloves, which allow total dexterity, are made from synthetic leather that is both washable and durable. A handy feature of the glove is the perspiration material that runs along the back of the thumb and index finger, permitting users to wipe their brow with their gloves on.

OTB products also offer three quality yard gloves that will protect hands from all those other tasks that are dirty or need cut resistance properties. These include:

  • A flat-dipped natural rubber breathable glove based on a seamless cut resistant Aramid liner, a good economy glove suitable for general yard maintenance
  • A flat-dipped nitrile glove with breathable cotton liner suitable for spaying garden chemicals, handling wood and metal, limited pruning, handling pesticides and fertilisers
  • A light and high dexterity flat-dipped nitrile glove on a seamless Nylon liner suitable when one needs full dexterity, offers protection against household chemicals, and has limited puncture resistance
All items of PPE equipment extend the prospects of a pain-free later life.

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