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Anti-Vibration Gloves available from OTB Products

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People are insisting on Decade Summerweight Anti Vibration Gloves. OTB Products believe that it is because people are choosing to stick to their guns.

With Anti-Vibration gloves you need them to meet, or surpass, the Standards.

When the Health and Safety of your staff is on the line and you have dutifully carried out your research to ensure you get the right product, then stick to your guns.

Do not enquire more about anti vibration gloves when you or your purchasing staff goes to order them. Ask if the Anti Vibration gloves you are offered meet ANSI S3.40/EN ISO 10819.

Anti-Vibration Gloves or Vibration reducing gloves and glove liners are essential even when using tools and equipment that has vibration reducing dampening fitted.

HS&E professionals are now strongly recommending do not use power tools and equipment unless vibration dampening is built-in and even then, use only with Anti vibration gloves that meet or surpass the Standards:

Rehabilitation from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) can be lengthy. In severe cases sufferers have to change vocation. In worst case scenarios the sufferer cannot return to work and cannot regain normal use of their hands. Insurance payouts are on the increase, costs to industry in lost productivity are horrendous and sufferers endure days/weeks/months of misery.

5 Years ago, many charged with duty of care for employees could be forgiven for not recognising the increase of incidences of HAVS.

Blind Freddy could extrapolate from the increase of use of power tools and equipment (nearly all manual tools now come in power options and nearly all landscaping and construction equipment is powered) that exposure to vibration has gone through the roof.

OTB Products would like to see a change in their customer base, from rehab companies, who are trying to get people back from injury, to companies protecting their employees from HAVS injuries from the use of vibrating tools and equipment.

Chase Ergonomics manufactures Anti Vibration gloves to comply / exceed the Standard and have a model that will suit almost all applications:

OTB Products has made available to the Australasian market the Chase Ergonomics Decade and Body Glove range of Industrial and Sports body care products.

All products are available through National and Regional safety distributors right across Australia, New Zealand and we have agents in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa.

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