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Heat exposure is life threatening, so don’t take the chance with yourself or your employees. OTB Products ’ 50 degree cooling vests can significantly reduce the threat of heat exhaustion amongst the workforce.

There are a number of cooling methods available when inside factories and buildings, fans, air conditioning, airline vortec cooling, etc. But there are very few solutions apart from personal protective equipment (PPE) when presented with heat from furnaces, molten metal (in steel mills, smelters), from solar heat in civil building and construction, road and rail construction and maintenance, fire fighting, working in confined spaces and even underground mining where rock face temperatures exceed 48 degrees.

Some effective core cooling PPE product on the market right, such as 50 degree cooling vests now use ‘phase change technology’ with the phase change activation point temperature being between 50ºF and 53ºF. Products using this technology effectively keep the body temperature down by cooling the heart lung area (body core). Body core temperatures over 40.5ºC can cause the body to shut down.

Features of 50 degree cooling vests:

  • The 50 degree cooling vests which are marketed throughout Australia and New Zealand are design patented.
  • The patents cover the cooling UniPaks, the shape of the Unipaks vital to give the longer cooling duration and male female ergonomic fit, the unipak sealing method, which covers the extreme durability of the Unipak seals and the phase change recharge time - 30/35 minutes in a freezer or Esky of Ice water.
  • The Unipaks last for up to 4 hrs in 38ºC.
  • The fast recharge time allows them to be recharged during a meal break, so effectively they can be used for 8, 12, of for that matter 24 hr shifts – there is no limit to the number of recharge cycles.

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30/10/2012 - I would wear a T-shirt or singlet under the vest, but yes, the vest fits quite snug (depending on how tight you wear the elastic and velcro straps) and will fit under a work shirt, as long as it's not a really tight fitting shirt.

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