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Online RFID training services offered by OTA Training

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OTA Training  offer online Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) training services to industrial and commercial organisations. Data can be stored and remotely retrieved through the use of RFID tags. RFID tags can be attached, implanted or inserted into products, animals or persons. The effective, easy to follow and engaging training services offered by OTA Training help companies in effectively implementing the RFID procedures. OTA Training provide remote learning platform to its clients through its online RFID learning interface. Using advanced training methodologies, OTA Training educate its clients on the different aspects of the RFID technology. OTA Training provide professional RFID training and certification services to its clients.

CompTIA is an internet based RFID training tool provided by OTA Training. It is approved as an Authorized Quality Curriculum for providing RFID training to organisations. The online training system comes with interactive flash animated contents, knowledge assessments, detailed resources and real-world scenarios. OTA Training’s online RFID training system comes with 12 self directed modules and over 35 hours of interactive course content.

The online RFID learning tool provided by OTA Training includes interactive hands-on simulations and over 500 practice questions and answers. OTA Training offer installation and support services to its clients with RFID training needs.

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