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LED for illuminated advertising from OSRAM

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With LED illuminated letters and logos companies are shown in the right light. More than 2000 customers in over 60 countries already use LED modules from OSRAM. The number is increasing daily and the reasons for this are clear.

The benefits of using LED illumination for company advertising include; cost savings of up to 80%, reliability at low temperatures, low maintenance costs, and brilliant colour saturation. The special benefits of using LED lamps for lighting manufactures and sign designers include the homogeneous illumination in which the compact size of the LED modules enables to install them even in narrow letters. Other benefits of LED modules include their high breaking strength, so costs and breakages are reduced during storage, and the simple installation making the new modules easier to install while saving time.

LED lamps are a valuable alternative to conventional light sources in many areas of general lighting. They are also open to unlimited opportunities and perspectives, which makes them the ideal basis for creative ideas and new lighting solutions.

Solutions for backlighting with the LED BACKlight 2nd generation

Since 2001 the illuminated signs in all the new European media markets outlets have all been equipped with LED modules. Thanks to its broad and innovative LED range and many years of experience in this area, OSRAM is the preferred LED supplier for media market today.

The 2nd generation of the LED BACKlight enables many more applications and ample installation due to the availability of the product in many different sizes. It is particularly well suited to backlighting dispersing materials such as Perspex. The flexible cables enable individually adjustable luminance and the module can be separated making the preparation and installation of letters easier.

Results of OSRAM backlights are savings of up to 80% compared with neon strips depending on the colour, and with a service life up to five times long, significantly lower energy consumption and maintenance free operation, the LED BACKlights are convincing even more companies to use this product.

Applications: Ideally for the sign manufacturing industry, signage and display, shopfitting, in domestic and commercial applications.

Special Features:

  • One reel comes with 2 LED chains comprising of 2x 60 individual boards, each with two LED. Total length for BL02S version is max 2x4.8m=9.6m.
  • Ideal for installation in narrow letters.
  • The flexible cables enable individually adjustable luminance.
  • Assembly off the roll and simple, one-off connection with the operating device reduce installation costs considerably.
  • The module can be separated-making the preparation and installation of letters easier.
  • The ex-works conformal coating of the LED module protects against moisture and condensed water.
  • Sizes and Colours: BACKlight is available in White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.

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