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Extended three tier system guarantee

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NOT many companies offer an extended warranty for no extra cost.

OSRAM electronic control gear’s state of the art circuit design uses the highest quality components.

When operating in conjunction with OSRAM lamps, these devices achieve optimum functionality because OSRAM lamps and ECGs are always perfectly matched to one another.

By controlling the quality of the lamp and the electronic control control gear, OSRAM can offer an extended warranty.

Depending on the product, there are three tiers of warranty:

* Three year guarantee on selected electronic control gear

* Five year guarantee on selected electronic control gear

* If used together, a five year guarantee QUICKTRONIC electronic control gear and three year guarantee on the LUMILUX fluorescent lamp or five year guarantee on the POWERTRONIC PTi and one year guarantee on the HCI/HQI metal halide lamp.

How does it work?

An example:

1. Design a lighting system with over 50 units using the OSRAM T5 lighting system containing an OSRAM FH28W/840 lamp operating on a OSRAM QTi DALI 2 x 28/54W electronic control gear

2. The system is installed and commission on the project

3. Register the project with OSRAM within 30 days of completion of project for the three year LUMILUX lamp and five year QUICKTRONIC guarantee

4. In the event of any defects, OSRAM will, free of charge, supply a replacement or provide a credit note for ballast or lamps that have demonstrably failed during the three year on the LUMILUX lamp and five year guarantee period owing to the material or manufacturers fault (conditions apply).

The OSRAM QTi DALI 2 x 28/54W electronic control gear used in this example is no ordinary control gear, according to OSRAM. It senses the lamp being used and adjusts the electrical characteristics for the lamp.

For example, if the installation was installed with 2 x OSRAM FH28W/840 lamps and the light level was found to be inadequate or the area required a higher light level than originally designed, the QTi electronic ballast allows customers to replace the FH28W/840 with a FQ54W/840 lamp.

The OSRAM QTi ballast senses the lamp change and adjusts to that new wattage lamp.

These lamp changes can almost double the lighting level without changing the luminaire or control gear.

OMRON advises customers to ensure that the luminaire is designed to operate with the higher wattage lamp.

The QTi fluorescent and the PTi POWERTRONIC HID electronic control are the latest innovations from OSRAM, who recently celebrated 100 years of business.

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