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Small 120L Mobile Spill Kits from OPEC Systems

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Small 120L Mobile Spill Kits from OPEC Systems are suitable for most industrial applications with the exception of hazardous and aggressive liquids.

The sorbents used in the spill kits are organic. As such, they are easy to dispose of and they are also more suitable to rough surgances.

It should be noted that these spill kits only contain basic personal protection. Other items like brooms and shovels are not included with the spill kits as standard and should be purchased separately.

These spill kits are recommended for smaller workshop environments or for industrial sites that have numerous small spill control hazards in large areas.

OPEC Systems pride themselves on the quality of these spill kits. They have strong relationships with more than twenty manufacturers, enabling them to offer a broad product range. As the exclusive Australian agent for several of those manufacturers, they can tailor effective solutions to most requirements.

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