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The detection equipment available from OPEC Systems are categorised into manual detectors, handheld and fixed detectors and vehicle based detectors. The detection paper is a chemically treated, dye-impregnated paper and it changes colour indicating the chemical contaminant when liquid drops are placed on it. The detection case designed for use in civil defence and the powdersafe mail isolation chamber also constitute the wide range of detection equipment available from OPEC Systems.

The Chem-Pro FX chemical detector provided by OPEC Systems is a fixed and continuously-operating CRBN monitoring system useful for detection/monitoring of both chemical warfare agent and toxic industrial compounds. OPEC Systems’ M90-D1-C is a fully automatic and portable chemical warfare agent detector available with a set of field alarms and accessories. The M90-D1-C provides early warning of the presence of all known nerve, blister, blood, and choking agents. The double wheeled sampler, a vehicle based detector available from OPEC Systems facilitates measuring chemical substance continuously and also serves a transfer station between the terrain and the analysis station. The Detect 1000 is designed by OPEC Systems for detecting and analysing chemical substances in the event of explosions, chemical spills, fire, or chemical warfare attacks.

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