OPEC Systems

Portable bunding, spill pallets.


Supplier news
10/05/12 - Spill-Sorb organic particulate was designed by OPEC Systems as an environmentally friendly alternative to other spill absorbents that can absorb a wide range of liquids on contact.
Supplier news
10/12/10 - Small 120L Mobile Spill Kits from OPEC Systems are suitable for most industrial applications with the exception of hazardous and aggressive liquids.
Supplier news
06/05/08 - The detection equipment available from OPEC Systems are categorised into manual detectors, handheld and fixed detectors and vehicle based detectors.
Supplier news
05/05/08 - OPEC Systems is a company which supplies equipment that are useful for disaster management, industrial spill control and marine spill control.

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OPEC Systems (Head office) Update these details
3 / 4 Aquatic Dr
Frenchs Forest
NSW 2019
Tel: 02 9453 9077
Fax: 02 9975 7808

OPEC Systems Brands

Absorbent GP Absorbent W Chemtech Enware SPC Spill-Sorb

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