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Customer management solution from ONYX Software Australia

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ONYX Software Australia  provides a customer management solution which is a unified application developed on web services architecture. This customer management solution features sales, marketing and service capabilities required for global operations as well as the openness and versatility.

The customer management solutions developed by ONYX Software Australia facilitate interaction between various departments of an organisation through the channels of internet, phone, fax, email or in-person. The customer management solution consolidates information, processes and interactions into one system. ONYX Software Australia’s customer management solution integrates information from internet, email, phone or in-person interactions and provides a customer view which is up-to-date comprehensive and relevant. The customer management solution developed by ONYX Software Australia consolidates information and interactions through three audience-specific portals namely, employee portal, partner portal and customer portal.

A centralized workspace is available in the form of the employee portal developed by ONYX Software Australia for sales, marketing, service and support teams so that they can unite around the customer. The partner portal available from ONYX Software Australia helps in promoting collaboration and driving sales efficiencies with key partners. The customer portal developed by ONYX Software Australia integrates the website of an organisation with the rest of the customer-services operations. The contact centre agents, sales professionals, service managers, and others involved in customer services can get more information and can increase their production and response no matter where they are.

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