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STTC SmartHeat PowerTips technology from Okay Technologies

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Recent tests carried out by OK International customers in the US and selected Okay Technologies customers in Australia have revealed that STTC SmartHeat PowerTips for Metcal stations can boost soldering performance by up to 20%.

Delivering a substantial time and cost saving, STTC PowerTips equip manufacturers with a significant operational advantage in the new lead-free era.

Designed for the robust Metcal MX-500, the STTC SmartHeat PowerTips technology delivers heat more efficiently for conventional lead-free soldering applications.

The recent customer tests proved the viability of this technology for the lead-free environment, identifying an improved soldering performance that prioritises ease-of-use and exceptional results.

In addition, all SSC tips for the SP200 soldering systems have been upgraded to deliver additional power to manage demanding solder joints without increasing temperature.

Delivering the high thermal performance available, Metcal’s SmartHeat PowerTips technology is fast-becoming an industry standard for lead-free soldering.

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