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Okay Technologies launches PS-800E soldering system

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Having recently launched PS-800E high power production soldering system, the OK International team has seen the breakthrough technology adopted widely in core markets around the world.

By harnessing the strength of its proven power-control technology, the new system delivers fast, reliable rework at lower temperature settings putting a stop to manufacturers burning money in the new lead-free era.

The composition of lead-free solders means that reliable joints can be formed without exceeding 260°C.

However, conventional hand soldering systems operate at well over 300°C, wasting energy, hastening tip replacement and risking damaged components and boards.

By developing the PS-800E, OK International has ensured that manufacturers are no longer forced to compensate for poor temperature control in this way.

Fast, reliable rework at lower temperature settings:

The result is a reliable, repeatable and safe mainstream solution equipped to meet the challenges of repetitive manual soldering and precision touch-up.

Founded on an innovative power coil assembly, advanced tip geometry and an extended easy access tip range, the PS-800E features a larger conductive area for more efficient thermal energy transfer.

By substantially reducing cost of ownership for lead-free hand soldering processes, the new soldering system is good news for manufacturers getting to grips with the increased thermal demands of lead-free.

Since research has proven that on average, a soldering iron can spend 50% of its time fully powered but not in use, the design of the PS-800E overcomes the potential issues associated with this.

Manufacturers can take advantage of the auto-sleep workstand to completely eliminate the adverse effect of idle time on the tip-life of hand soldering tools.

By automatically reducing tip temperature during idle periods, the unique auto-sleep workstand reduces the potential for oxidation to actively extend tip-life.

With the unique PS-800E high power production soldering system, manufacturers are no longer forced to pay more simply to burn up their equipment and boards.

Okay Technologies ’ customers around Australia will increasingly testify that the PS-800E is the first choice for high-power, reliable and safe re-work at a substantially reduced cost of ownership.

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