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Chemical tools range reformulated

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ChemTools range of Chemical Tools has recently been reformulated.

The Chemical Tools are of world class standards in performance, are environmentally responsible, great value as tools and are competitively priced.

Blended and packaged in Australia, the electronics product range has specifically been formulated and designed to meet the challenges of the new lead-free and no-clean soldering era. ChemTools products cater for the large rework market, where Resin / Rosin based fluxes are used. These include essential chemicals to assist in diagnosing, cleaning, fluxing, conducting, lubricating, protecting and controlling static electricity 

New generation synthetic fluxes (no-clean and lead-free) used in today’s SMT assemblies, endure higher reflow temperatures, and when these residues need to be removed (e.g. High Frequency circuity, conformal coating, etc.) specialised products are required. ChemTools has formulated a range of cleaners and defluxers to tackle those resilient residues. ChemTools has also reformulated products to cover earlier solder fluxes for the repair industry, and to meet new environmentally accepted standards. 

ChemTools has also added a range of adhesives to its range, starting with the Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. These offer a major advantage over other type of adhesive systems. They are single component adhesives, fast curing at room temperature, solvent free and resistant to many environmental factors. 
ChemTools fast curing anaerobic adhesives covers a wide range of industrial applications. These single component materials are available in varying strengths, types, viscosities and colour-coding. From permanent fixture to lower strength grades that can be disassembled using ordinary tools. From fast custom manufacture to suit customer requirements.

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