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Breakthrough in electronics corrosion treatment and prevention

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ChemTools R-70 is a chemically engineered, multifunctional formulation that provides unprecedented penetration, lubrication and unsurpassed corrosion protection to multi-metals.  

R-70 has been specifically formulated for the electrical, telecommunications and electronics industries which normally require unique solutions. Electronic components are a complex assembly of metallic and non-metallic materials. Given their complexity, there are many mechanisms by which corrosion of electronic components can occur. 

These include:

  • Pore and creep corrosion of base metals plated with a noble metal.
  • Corrosion caused by deposited pollutants in combination with moisture.
  • Fretting corrosion.
  • Localised and stress corrosion in the presence of corrosive contaminants (i.e. chlorides).
  • Galvanic corrosion resulting from contact of dissimilar metals.
  • Electrolytic corrosion resulting from applied potentials normally found in electronic devices.
  • Process control or similar applications for the electronics being operated in harsh industrial environment.
  • Atmospheric pollutants.
  • Low levels of contaminants present in packaging materials and as a result of human handling.

A corrosion cell is similar to a tiny battery; there is an anode, cathode, electrolyte and a path of current. Eliminate any one of these elements and you can shut down the corrosion process.

Upon application, R-70 Revive-It eliminates two of those elements and that's even before the corrosion protection phase.  

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