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Health and safety policy manual from OHS Policies

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OHS Policies  provides occupational health and safety policy manual for clients, their employees, visitors and contractors. The manual explains the how to behave part that are in the company property or other related activities. This OHS policies manual provides a method of communicating, implementing and duplicating a safe way of working.

The policy is the actual body of working document that specifies the requirement and how the company would achieve its aim. There are various policies that are found across most industries. These polices include accident investigation and reporting, asbestos, armed hold-up procedures, aggression at work, breach of health and safety requirements, compressed air, confined spaces and many more.

The polices also include safety for contractors, cultural diversity, danger and out of service procedures, drug and alcohol, conveyors and power operated machinery, employee assistance, ergonomics, emergency response for bomb, fire and natural disasters, electrical equipment, employee safety induction information etc.

OHS Policies also include manuals for fatigue management, gas cylinder safety procedures, hazardous substances, hot work permit procedures, infectious waste, infection control, plant policy, personal protective equipment policy, permit to work contractors, rehabilitation policy, smoke free workplace, workplace harassment policy, workplace inspection information and checklist, truck driving fatigue, visitor and general public procedures and information. Once the client has conducted a risk assessment and has an OHS Policies in place, they can develop a specific work method statement.

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