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ISaGRAF PLC software on ThinkIO Hardware

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OEM Technology Solutions can provide a complete, cost-effective process control or distributed control system solution via its ISaGRAF and ThinkIO control system.

This solution combines the IEC61131-3 compliant ISaGRAF soft PLC development environment and the Kontron ThinkIO hardware platform.

ISaGRAF is a control software environment that enables you to create local or distributed control systems. It offers a combination of a highly portable, robust control engine (Virtual Machine) and an intuitive application development environment (Workbench).

The Key Features of the V4.5 ISaGRAF software are

* The application development Workbench provides all of the internationally standard IEC61131 control languages.

* Distributed control and programming capability.

* OEM Technology solutions has implemented ISaGRAF on the ThinkIO using Windows CE V5.0.

* The Enhanced options for ISaGRAF transform the ThinkIO into a top of the line PLC, DCS or RTU. The controller gains features such as data quality, millisecond time stamping, sequence of events, trending, alarming, processor synchronisation, GPS support and redundancy.

The ThinkIO hardware provides a powerful and flexible hardware platform for all process control and DCS requirements. The processor is the Kontron ThinkIO industrial PC and the I/O can be selected from the complete range of Wago System I/O 750 series hardware.

The ThinkIO is the combination of a complete, effective PC (Intel Pentium MMX compatible 266 MHz processor) with the complete I/O connectivity of the Wago I/O System 750 Series. This provides perfect connectivity as any configuration of I/O clamps is possible.

The ThinkIO also offers additional features such as 2 x Ethernet ports, 2 x USB ports, 1 x RS232 serial port, 1 x DVI operator interface port and external watchdog. The ThinkIO can also be configured with optional field busses such as PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, or DeviceNet.

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