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Mechanical Power Transmission and Heat Transfer Products from Oem Dynamics

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Oem Dynamics  was established in 1975, Australian owned company. Oem Dynamics manufactures are supplies Mechanical Power Transmission and Heat Transfer products. Large firms like oil industries, mining industries, armed services, public needs, and gas exploration from Australia, South East Asia, Japan, Western pacific rim and New Zealand are their customers. Oem Dynamics offers hydraulic driven machine and products are fluid power related. Oem Dynamics is the well versed in Fluid Power Industries, it effectively inserts hydraulic pumps to other diesel engines which are used for mobile and stationary equipment.

Oem Dynamics offers Fluid power items like multiple hydraulic pump drives, hydraulic motor gear drives, universal joint connections, splined accessories and flexible couplings. Mechanical Power Transmission supplied by Oem Dynamics include worm drives, bevel drive gearboxes, parallel shaft drives and mechanical and air clutches. Oem Dynamics's Dynacool division offers heat exchangers for oil cooling, cooling is done either by air or water. Oil cooling is needed in applications like Air compressors, Fluid Power, Scoop Couplings, Mechanical Gear and Transmission Drives, Engine oil and Process Oil Cooling. Dynacool's range of products are special valves and controls used in oil cooling applications and to lubricating rotary gear oil pumps, Carousel oil filter for element replacement.

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