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Industrial Cooling Systems from OEC Industrial

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OEC Industrial Cooling systems provide a low cost solution to the difficulties involved in cooling  industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, transport depots and foundries.

The Industrial cooling systems rely on OEC Fogging Systems to create cool, healthy and efficient working environments.

The fogging systems direct water at high pressure through a battery of nozzles to create millions of ultra fine micro-droplets. These nozzles, which are typically spread evenly at roof / ceiling height throughout the building, feed from a high pressure water line. The micro-droplets, which are invisible to the naked eye, are directed into the area to be cooled, evaporating within a few seconds of their creation to cool the air and the objects around them.

The final results of this efficient process are efficient industrial cooling systems fully capable of achieving their total cooling potential, without the problems of wetting or residual moisture.

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