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Fine fog puts dust particles to flight

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The dust suppression systems from Outback Environmental Controls (OEC) are a low cost solution and novel way to solve dust problems in mining, quarrying, concrete crushing and recycling environments.

OEC fogging systems direct water at high pressure through a battery of ultra fine nozzles to create millions of ultra fine micro-droplets to reduce dust levels in the environment.

The system works because the micro-droplets adhere to individual dust particles making them heavier and forcing them to fall to the ground.

The water droplets are approximately the same size as the dust particles, which improves the interception of water and dust. This reduces the amount of water used; it is usually less than 0.5% by weight of product processed.

Any excess water usually evaporates from droplets rather than wetting the product. This means there is less wear and belt tracking problems; people remain dry even if they are directly under fog nozzles; and, there is no blurring of safety glasses from water droplets.

The result is otherwise dusty sites remain significantly dust free even in hot and dry conditions.

The company says its fog nozzles are either installed in the ceiling of buildings for blanket dust reduction or on dust producing plant and equipment such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, transfer points, vibrating screens and air knives.

The product already has a number of satisfied customers. Among these is Delta Recycling who, according to OEC Industrial, is “delighted” with its results.

Delta Recyling’s Joe Lynas says the operation is within 10km of the central business district and only 5km from a residential area.

“With the OEC Industrial Misting System we have been able to conform to EPA Regulations and have received no complaints,” Lynas says.

“OEC engineers installed the equipment overnight to avoid disruption of production. I am happy to recommend the system and OEC to any organisation with a dust problem,” he says.

Other OEC Industrial customers include among many others Argyle Diamonds, Resourceco, Metro Demolitions and FRH Astec Quarries.

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