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Cool change for staff at Simon National Transport

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SIMON National Transport employees were getting really uncomfortable in the hot Queensland summer of 2003.

Company rules required staff to stop work once the temperatures hit the high thirties.

In a transport company with tight deadlines such disruptions can cause major logistics problems.

Simon Transport’s management team at the Archerfield (Queensland) depot were keen to provide better working conditions for staff that would eliminate the down time on hot days, but were faced with the problem of effectively cooling a floor area of 77m x 34m, with a roof height of 8m.

Conventional air-conditioning was clearly out of the question due to both installation and running costs for such a large open area, so the company turned to OEC Industrial for the solution.

A fogging system was installed, linked into humidity and temperature sensors to work automatically when required, that has reduced temperatures by up to 10°C throughout the entire building.

The system has now been operational for three years without problems, keeping staff and management happy regardless of the outside temperature.

The OEC Industrial fogging system

A series of high pressure fog lines 480m long and fitted with 816 specialised fogging nozzles were installed in the ceiling area of the building and attached to a high pressure 60L per minute water pump.

A Rotem Computer Climate Control Unit was linked to the pump and sensors, switching the system on when required.

How it works

Fogging is created by directing water at high pressure through a battery of nozzles to create millions of ultra fine micro droplets, from high-pressure water lines at roof or ceiling height.

The micro-droplets, which are invisible to the naked eye except as fog, are directed into the area to be cooled, evaporating in a few seconds of their creation to cool the air and the objects around them.

This means that there is no wetting or residual moisture. The nozzles themselves are also designed not to drip, ensuring that no water damage occurs to goods or danger from wet surfaces.

The OEC System is a low cost solution to the problem of cooling that has worked well in large industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, transport depots and foundries, to create a cool, healthy and efficient environment.

Dust and odour control too

The OEC Industrial system is also used to control dust in extreme environments like mines, quarries, concrete crushing and recycling and waste management sites, where the micro droplets adhere to the dust particles in the air, causing the now heavier dust to fall to the ground or floor.

A level of odour elimination is also achieved, which can be enhanced by the introduction of odour suppression chemicals into the water at a controlled rate.

OEC Industrial installs and maintains their fogging systems nationally and internationally.

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