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NABERS Rating from Ocitef Group

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Octief Group provides NABERS Rating for office premises.

NABERS Rating for offices is based on the overall performance of the premises over a 12 month period. The cost of a NABERS accredited rating depends on the overall size of the building, type of rating that has been undertaken and difficulty of gathering the appropriate information. The rating will be given by a NABERS accredited assessor, when the premise is eligible for rating. 

Only accredited NABERS assesses can undergo a NABERS rating for the premises. All Assesses are fully qualified and have a high-level of experience in undertaking a full NABER accredited assesses rating. Individuals can self-assess the environmental performance of their office premises at no cost using the NABERS Rating Calculator, but they cannot undergo a full NABERS accredited assesses rating of the office.

If individuals are presented with a NABERS accredited rating then it is important to them to sustain the rating. With a NABERS accredited rating, they can start making improvements to the office. By using NABERS, they can measure the impact of the projects and communicate successes to the stakeholders, staff, tenants, landlords and investors.

As this programme develops into a more sophisticated and structural section of the environment efficiency industrial there will be updates and ideas developed to upgrade the NABERS rating at an even higher level then what’s stated above.  

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