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Environmental sustainability consulting services from Octief Group

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Sustainability is about ensuring social, economic and environmental equity whilst ensuring a sustainable and workable future, and central to achieving this sustainability is the need to adapt to potential climate change impacts.

Octief Group 's sustainability team understands that companies face a number of challenges in achieving an acceptable standard of environmental sustainability. As a result, Octief Group's specialised sustainability consultants have developed a flexible and practical program to help companies build sustainability into their culture and achieve the associated environmental and financial benefits.

Through an innovative and unique approach, Octief Group sustainability consultants can aid in creating an integrated assessment, planning, education, and monitoring program tailored to meet a company's specific needs.

Firstly, Octief Group footprint a company to help them understand, measure and baseline their impacts on the environment and help them identify opportunities for improvement. This footprint can include:

  • direct and indirect emissions
  • energy
  • water
  • waste; and
  • indoor environmental quality.
Secondly, Octief Group can help companies integrate their business drivers and company culture into their individual sustainability program. This helps companies focus on goals that will reduce costs and risks, and increase revenues and improve organisational health.

Octief Groups sustainability consultancy services include the following:
process engineering and system reconfiguration
energy efficiency assessment and management
water efficiency assessment and management
waste assessment, management and planning
indoor environmental assessment
built environment assessment and ratings
carbon footprint assessment
clean development mechanism (CDM) project design documents and methodology.

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