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Environmental management and consultancy services from Octief Group

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article image Octief Group offer environmental management and consultancy services

Octief Group offer an environmental consultancy service, specialising in all areas of environmental monitoring, compliance testing, and environmental management.

Offering a wide range of integrated consultancy services within the built and natural environments, the Octief Group have particular expertise in the development, mining and construction industries.

Environmental management is quickly becoming a key issue for many companies as environmental issues increase constraints. Octief Group recognises these issues and have a number of specialised consultants on hand to assist in the assessment and management of potential and existing environmental issues a company may face in their industry.

Each with more than five years experience in their respective fields, Octief Group environmental consultants place focus on a practical approach to achieve workable solutions.

Octief Group offers a range of specialised environmental services including:

  • water quality monitoring and assessment
  • environmental compliance monitoring
  • stormwater management and design
  • construction environmental management
  • environmental impact assessment
  • wastewater treatment and management
  • contaminated land
  • groundwater and irrigation
  • ecological assessment
  • environmental auditing
  • project management.
Octief Group also realise that in order to ensure clients achieve and maintain the highest level of environmental performance throughout the life of each project, it is important that the appropriate environmental management systems are implemented.

For larger organisations this may mean an Integrated Environmental Management System is required. Integrated Environmental Management Systems provide the foundation upon which the environmental values of a company are based. They also provide management procedures to ensure that personnel understand the systems and procedures that need to be followed to achieve environmental compliance and best practice.

Octief Group's clients can benefit from an Integrated Environmental Management System in a number of ways as it enables them to:

  • identify and control the environmental impact of their activities, products or services
  • to improve its environmental performance continually
  • to implement a systematic approach to setting , achieving and demonstrating environmental objectives and targets.

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