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Asbestos Management Services by Octief Group

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Octief Group helps in the removal of various hazardous materials in Australia.

Hazardous materials removal workers identify, remove, pack, transport and dispose of asbestos. These professional workers also known as remediation or decontamination specialists respond to emergencies where harmful substances such as asbestos are present. Increased public awareness and Federal and State regulations have resulted in the removal of hazardous materials from buildings, facilities and the environment to prevent contamination of natural resources and to promote public health and safety.

Asbestos monitoring:

Asbestos monitoring is a process of measuring the concentration of fibres in the air where asbestos has been observed to check health and safety risks. It is conducted before, during and after removal of asbestos-containing materials. It can also be used to control the exposure to similar products such as respirable crystalline silica and man-made mineral fibres.

Asbestos management Expertise:

·         Air monitoring of asbestos
·         Design of asbestos management plans
·         Identification of asbestos in materials
·         Inspection of buildings and technical installations
·         Monitoring of crystalline silica
·         Monitoring of man-made mineral fibres
·         Survey of asbestos materials in buildings

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