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Super tanks and safety and waste products from Nylex Rotomould

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Nylex Rotomould  specialises in providing chemical handling products including super tanks, fittings, bulkiboxes and transportable. The super tanks from Nylex Rotomould are moulded from high density polyethylene and are suitable for applications such as water treatment, chemical storage and agricultural storage.

Super tanks are ultraviolet protected and chemically resistant and are ideal for both outdoor use and indoor use. Super tanks can be easily installed onto any foundations, fully supported level floors and concrete bases.

The Bulkibox range of products available from Nylex Rotomould ensures secure and safe storage and transport of toxic and dangerous materials. These products are designed from tough polyethylene and are encased in galvanised and heavy duty steel frames and are available with solid mesh sides thus providing easy forklift access to the user.

Transportable suitable for transporting non-dangerous liquids are available with intermediate and sturdy containers. This transportable is suitable for storing and transporting a variety of items ranging from egg pulp to lubricating oils.

Nylex Rotomould also offers safety products including Hazspill protective capsules used commonly for the safe removal of hazardous wastes and damaged or leaking chemical containers. Save-a-spill products used for avoiding dangerous spills thus eliminating time consuming clean-ups, fire fighter tanks and utility boxes are some of the safety products available from Nylex Rotomould. Waste products including bins suitable for factory, domestic and industrial use are also manufactured from Nylex Rotomould.

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