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Cool bins, bulk bins and pallet bins from Nylex Rotomould

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Nylex Rotomould  provides food produce handling and storage products such as Cool bins, bulk bins and pallet bins. Cool bins from Nylex Rotomould are useful in storing and transporting a variety of products and are also efficient in keeping it cool, fresh and safe.

These cool bins are insulated with high density foams and are injected between the two panels of plastic thus ensuring the products are fresh. The cool bins are designed from tough polyethylene and consist of triple layer construction making it resistant to extreme temperatures.

Cool bins from Nylex Rotomould are also sealed with food grade natural sponge rubber and provide protection and insulation for seafood, fruits, vegetables and pet food. Bulk bins are also available which are suitable for handling and storing products such as powders, granules, milk, confectioneries, vegetable oils, fertilisers, fluids and pharmaceuticals.

These bulk bins are designed from hot dipped galvanised steel frames and are useful in reducing the need for packaging and handling. Bulk bins from Nylex Rotomould are refillable and returnable container solutions that reduces disposal and minimises packaging. These bins are weatherproofed and sealed thus can be stored outside as well.

Pallet bins ideal for storing fruits and vegetables, pet food, general materials handling and nuts are also available from Nylex Rotomould. Super trucks and rectangular tanks are some of the rectangular handling and storage products available. Rectangular tanks have straight sides or tapered thus ensuring all the nesting and stacking needs are met. Pallet trays widely used for storing and transporting beverages, food and pharmaceuticals are manufactured by Nylex Rotomould.

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