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Stratus Horizontal Wrapper available from Nupac Industries

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As the pace of business throughout the world speeds up, everyday gets more and more time sensitive. No matter what industry you are in, it is refreshing to discover a packaging machine that is quick to get up and running and provides fast and precise product changeover capabilities.

As you would come to expect from any wrappers in the Bosch range, the Stratus provides quality package seals featuring two sets of finwheels and an inclination roller.

“Add into the mix that installation and start-up takes just two hours and it’s easy to see why it has become such a hit across a broad range of industries.”

“Bosch really focuses on making their range of packaging machines easy to use and the Stratus is no exception,” explained Grant.

“In this case it’s the addition of a ‘no-tool-required’ handwheel for centring the end seal that is sure to attract attention from those prospective buyers who appreciate that features such as this can save time and money during operation.”

The Stratus is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries including hardware, bakery, candy and housewares and with twenty pre-programmable product set-ups, switching is a breeze.

Designed to fit through a standard door way, the Stratus has proven popular with users where space is at a premium.

“For a machine that is so competitively priced it is quite unexpected to find features such as film feed and end seal crimpers designed to ensure consistent control of product, packaging material and sealing,” remarked Grant.

The design team working on the development of the Stratus also successful reduced maintenance costs, improved consistency in machinery operation and increased packaging quality through the eliminated drive chains, belts and variators, instead using three servo motors.

In addition, the fully electronic Stratus also features film Jog aids to assist with film changeovers, torque sensitive servo motors designed to stop the machine if jams occur in the infeed or end crimpers and precise heat controls to ensure consistent seal quality.

“This machine is a perfect example of how keeping things simple from the outset can often produce a better result on a number of different levels,” added Grant.

The Stratus Horizontal Wrapper is available from Nupac Industries .

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