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The PROBATONE 60 drum roaster has been particularly developed for the gentle long-term roasting of high quality gourmet and specialty coffees and espresso. Its proven construction guarantees an excellent roasting product, a homogenous roasting and highest aroma development.

With roasting performances ranging from 190 to 200kg/h, the PROBATONE 60 is ideal for larger shop and small industrial roasting facilities with a large variety of products and high quality standards concerning their end product.

High output coffee roaster

  • Typical roasting time of 12-20 minutes
  • Many components made of high-grade cast iron
  • Non-perforated, double-wall roasting drum with special shovel mechanism for a homogenous mixture of the product
  • PROBAT-specific product/air ratio for particularly homogeneous roasting
  • Roasting can be controlled reliably by sight glass, sampler and thermo-couples
  • Cooler with large, easily accessible and removable cooling sieve for effective and gentle cooling of the roasted coffee
  • Reduced cycle times by simultaneous roasting and cooling with separate suction for cooling and roasting exhaust air
  • Efficient drive concept by separate motors for drum drive, cooling sieve stirring arm as well as roasting and cooling fan
  • Safe heating by proven modulating burner with regulation of supply air temperature
  • Effective chaff separation by separate, free-standing roasting cyclone
  • Semi-automatic roaster control system PILOT Roaster Basic with touch panel, recipe management and 8 recipe stages
  • Optionally available as fully-automatic version with roaster control system PILOT Roaster Excellence

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