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Nupac unveils the price drop of Bosch Bag Makers

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Nupac, the Australian agent for the world renowned range of Bosch Bag Makers, has released that recently prices have dropped from between 10 to 15 per cent across of the range.


According to Nupac, the reduction in price has come as a result of streamlining design and more cost effective manufacturing technique. These improvements have not only reduced the price, but have also made all Bag Makers in the Bosch range easier to service and more efficient.


Bosch has long been at the forefront of industrial packaging and their range of Bag Makers has always been a favourite with manufacturers in this market.


Having always invested heavily in research and development, Bosch has introduced a series of improvements of which the net effect is a price drop of between 10 to 15 per cent. Some of the most outstanding upgrades include, a new servo drive that has simplified software requirements, the development of a universal long-seal drive reducing the number of unique components across the range and finally, the development of a new modular pneumatic system that is smaller, faster and provides improved flow rates, to name just a few.


Bosch really takes a holistic approach to design and manufacture and this has provided some great, if simple design updates that directly effects the machine’s sale price.


It is the attention to detail that really makes the Bosch product stand out.


Nupac have been representing Bosch in the Australian Market since 1987 and during this time we have always been extremely impressed with their commitment to providing the best production at a fair and competitive price.

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