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Nupac’s packaging machines make production lines more versatile for manufacturers

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One of Australia’s leading suppliers of packaging, processing and material handling equipment, Nupac Industries Pty Ltd has assisted many Australian manufacturers to streamline their production lines while increasing machine versatility.

Australian manufacturers are discovering the benefits of investing in packaging machinery that allows them to change runs quickly and easily.  

According to Mr Peter Pontikis, Managing Director, Nupac Industries, their expertise lies in their ability to match customer requirements with machine specifications to ensure customers get the maximum return on their investment.  

Nupac has specified a single machine in many cases to cover a broad range of packaging requirements.  

Peter explains that recent advances in packaging technology allow Nupac to specify packaging machines designed with the ability to produce a wide variety of bag styles.  

For instance, a Bosch packaging machine in the Nupac range can produce doy packs, resealable tape packs, block bottom corner edge packs in addition to pillow and gusseted bags. This flexibility provides a cost-effective and competitive solution for customers looking to increase their production efficiency in the current economy.  

Nupac has been representing Bosch in the Australian market since 1987, distributing Bosch packaging machines in Australia as well as in New Zealand. Nupac also represents a number of other innovative packaging, processing and material handling brands including Russell Finex, Oli and Cremer.

Representing this unique mix of brands allows Nupac to design production lines specifically suited to the exact needs of their customers.  

Nupac helps manufacturers speed up production and also provides more flexible manufacturing options through complete turnkey installations as well as upgrades of individual packaging machines in existing lines. 

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