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New vibratory sieve reduces costs

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article image The new Russell Finex screener.

THE newly released high tech materials separator from Russell Finex, distributed by Nupac Industries , represents a significant improvement in screening technology.

The machines feature greater accuracy, increased capacity, quieter running, and improved separation, plus optimum power use, manoeuvrability via pallet or forklift truck, lower maintenance costs, and lower operating costs.

The vibrator housing has been designed to utilise a new high mass machined casting which is directly coupled to a standard electric motor.

Out of balance weights cause the casting to operate like a giant flywheel, translating power into the screening area at a very high efficiency level.

A new ultrasonic mesh deblinding system handles the screening of "difficult" dry or sticky powders.

An ultrasonic frequency is applied to the separator mesh by an acoustic transducer. This breaks down surface tension on the screening material and effectively makes the stainless steel screening wires friction free.

With no surface tension there is no mesh blinding, while the action of the separator enables the use of screening discs to scrape the underside of coarse meshes and free any materials that may have lodged in the mesh apertures.

The new screeners feature a two phase separation process that is claimed to increase contact mesh area significantly - raising capacity by up to 70%.

Two screens are mounted one above the other. The upper screen is slightly smaller in diameter. Materials are fed into the upper screen and either pass into the oversize discharge spout or flow over the edge onto the screen below.

Particles of the specified size passing through the lower screen are then discharged.

The new separators are powered by standard off the shelf electric motors which can be conformed to any flameproof or explosion proof needs.

A patented rubber suspension system makes the machines very quiet in operation -- a factor aided by the use of rubber couplings which link the motor to the vibrator housing.

Wet or dry materials can be screened while the machines can handle sizing, scalping, check screening, dewatering or product recovery -- in all cases offering very significant gains in terms of both performance and cost savings.

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