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High capacity bagging machine

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THE new Binder & Co MK bagmaker, from Nupac Industries , meets the needs of operators who must efficiently and economically fill bags in a size range up to 640mm wide x 1000mm length.

The provision of a rotary magazine which can hold several different sizes of formatting sets allows rapid, easy changeovers by a single operator, without the use of tools.

It takes only a few minutes to changeover production -- a feature which generates major cost benefits for manufacturers who are packing sand, salt, fertilisers, plastic pellets, soil or building materials.

The new machines can be used to fill fine, coarse, dry or even moist materials with a package range form 5 to 50kg or 4 to 80 litres.

The machines can handle thermoplastics and compound materials, bags with our without carrying handles and gusseted or pillow bags.

The baggers have minimal space needs (1750 x 1900 x 2500mm) and feature a user friendly, menu driven operator interface.


* High degree of flexibility to meet varying needs for type of bag, material, design and size.

* Attractive package appearance with the best possible form of package for transportation.

* Minimum space needs for production.

* Increasing efficiency and providing excellent working conditions for staff.

* Low individual package costs, lower operating costs and savings on storage space.

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