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DOBOY continuous band sealing machines have developed a reputation for reliability, ease of use, and accuracy, both in the Australian market, and around the world.

Recently acquired by Bosch, Doboy has invested heavily to produce a range of band sealing machines that provide the four most important features required for successful packaging -- quality, performance, accuracy, and repeatability.

"Nupac Industries is proud to have been appointed the Australian agent for the Doboy range of band sealing machines," Nupac managing director Peter Grant said.

"And we know that new customers and current users will appreciate our commitment to providing the highest levels of service and back-up support."

Made up of a number of different units, the extensive range of Doboy continuous band sealers ensures there is one to suit a broad range of applications.

"Pardon the pun, but Doboy really have this section of the market sealed up tight," Mr Grant said. "Doboy's extensive range means there's sure to be a machine suited to your needs, whatever industry you're in."

Doboy has machines designed to suit applications including food, pharmaceutical, hardware, and even servicing the automotive industry with the packaging of spare parts.

"Doboy band sealing machines have a number of outstanding features including quick change sealing sections, ac frequency variable speed drive and single point gap adjustment to name a just a few," Mr Grant said.

"The single point gap adjustment is really fantastic. The heating and cooling bars are mounted to a single index plate that allows spacing of the bars from one central point.

"This eliminates the need to adjust each bar individually, saving time and providing precision adjustments."

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