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Bosch control platform sets the standard

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NUPAC Industries has launched the latest, and most advanced, machine control platform from Bosch.

The new platform will now come standard on both the Tevopharm P-200 and P-2000 flowrappers, as well the P-300CA candywrappers.

Simplicity was the cornerstone of the design brief in the development of this new system and the resulting benefits include fewer parts and components than its predecessor, reducing the risk of failure.

The rugged, embedded controller module has absolutely no mechanical moving parts, not even a fan or hard-disk, making the unit very reliable with a large MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

All data storage is on a flash disk ensuring that in the event of a power failure, or when the battery is low, there is no risk of data loss."

The new control platform also features an on-board UPS for data storage, and the use of a flash disk makes for easy reloading of software.

The new Bosch control platform also allows for both the PLC and motion functions to be controlled by only one software program and both have been programmed according to the universal standard IEC61131, ensuring that operators are only required to learn one program language.

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