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BLISTER pack packaging has been a time consuming, labour intensive process until now. Wenz, represented by Nupac Industries , has a range of blister pack packaging machinery that is set to change the way the industry undertakes this process.

The Wenz range of blister pack machines allows manufacturers to reduce the amount of stock on hand, and increase productivity, along with improving the ability to provide customised packaging solutions.

"The Wenz blister pack technology is second to none," Nupac managing director Peter Grant said.

"Most blister packs you see are produced semi-automatically.

“The manufacturer buys pre-made PVC blister packs and the printed backing cards, places the blister into a die, places the product into the blister, puts the backing card on top then places the whole assembly under a heat seal press, a time consuming and expensive process," he said.

Wenz blister pack machines can be customised to handle a huge range of products from toothbrushes, confectionery, hardware and light bulbs, to cosmetic and pharmaceutical items.

The Wenz process is unique in that the blisters are actually formed from a reel of PVC rather that purchasing pre-made blisters.

"This is a huge advantage," Mr Grant said. "For a start there are significant costs savings when buying reels of PVC as opposed to pre-made blister packs, not only in the purchase price, but also in warehousing.

"You can imagine running a manufacturing facility with a number of different sized blister packs, the amount of stock you would have to have on hand to meet demand, with the Wenz machine you don't have to carry thousands of blister packs sitting around the warehouse eating up valuable space."

Once the blister pack has been formed from the PVC reel, the Wenz machine presents it for either manual or automatic product loading, places the backing card on top, seals it and ejects it as a finished item.

"It's a much more streamlined process," Mr Grant said. "You can produce 20-30 blisters per minute with one operator and if you want a different shape or size blister, you just change the blister forming tool which is a simple and quick operation."

"Anyone currently producing blister pack items should really take the opportunity to find out more about the Wenz range as the advantages will provide cost savings in many aspects of production," Mr Grant added.

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