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Cylinders, rotary actuators and air bellows from Numatics Australia

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Numatics Australia  specialises in providing cylinders, grippers, rotary actuators and specialty actuators. Compact, ISO standard, rodless and specialty cylinders are some of the cylinders available from Numatics Australia.

The compact cylinders from Numatics Australia are designed to fit tight space requirements and a range of models including C series, K series and B series to name a few are available. Universal series from Numatics Australia is a compact air cylinder and consist of extruded aluminium body.

The universal series of air cylinders are efficient in minimising the overall space requirements thus providing the user with direct mounting in the smallest amount of space. B square series of cylinders are also available from Numatics Australia. These B square series are lightweight and square end cap cylinder line available with high strength steel piston rod with hard chrome plated and polished surfaces.

G series rodless cylinders are provided with NSK bearing sliders and bearing rails thus offering better load carrying capacities to the user. These rodless cylinders are available with anodized single barrel extrusions and reinforced thermoplastics strip seals.

The R series rotary actuators from Numatics Australia are pinion style and heavy duty rack rotary actuators that are used in a variety of applications. AR series rotary actuators are also available with hard coat anodised body and wear resistant and corrosion resistant output shaft. Air bellows suitable for high load cylinders thus providing consistent suspension systems for noise and vibrating machinery are available from Numatics Australia.

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